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reduce timing for 8x8 matrix display

Hi all,
i am working on a 8x8 led matrix display. i'm using scanning method and thus requires alot of stacked sequence loops.
when trying to make different patterns, i am still unable to overcome the flickering no matter how well i simplify the program.
 i realise that this is due to the default time delay of a stacked sequence.
may i know how to eliminate or reduce this time delay to get a firm pattern?
Pls help me solve this problem.
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Did you post this a few weeks ago?  It seems like I remember someone posting about an 8x8 matrix.  It inspired me to see if I could create a moving message board, which I did.  Send me the code (if possible) and I'll take a look.  I don't know that I can judge enough from your description to know what to do to solve the problem.
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thanks for the reply. I'll attach the file. But my 8x8 led matrix is a seperate hardware. I am using voltage and transistor fieldpoint modules to control the hardware. The file attached is a program for a definite pattern '9'.

The problem with the program now is that the pattern flickers alot. I am working to get a firm pattern without flickering. I doubt my program is too slow.


Pls try to help.


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Sorry, I thought you were using LabVIEW front panel LED's.  I'll gladly look at your code, but I don't know anything about using FieldPoint or real LEDs, so I may not be of much help.  I am sure others would be able to help, though.
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ok sure. thanks anw. Smiley Happy
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Hi Vivek,
What hardware are you using to drive your LED matrix?  It sounds like the flicker might not be due to your VI.  If you post your code I'll take a look at it to see if it might be responsible.
Eric A.
National Instruments
Distributed I/O Product Support Engineer
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yup i believe its my software which is causing the flickering problem and i would appreciate if u could help on modifying my software.

i am using Voltage module (cFP-DO-410) and transistor module (cFP-DO-403). and the LED matrix is a pcb board with 64 LEDS in a 8x8 arrangement.

the selection of channels to light up is in the properties of the fieldpoint in the blockdiagram. and i believe u need the modules inorder to check how the property setting actually looks like.


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I think you might try introducing a wait into your loop. I know my suggestion sounds odd since you are seeing flicker but this way you know when your processor is taking a break to perform other tasks. I think it would be pretty hard to replicate the issue without your hardware. Let me know what effect, if any, that has on your application.
Eric A.
National Instruments
Distributed I/O Product Support Engineer
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