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DAQmx Compatibility with NI max

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I am trying to read signal from NI9202 DAQ but when I create the task I get an error which I have attached below.

LabVIEW version:17.0.01

NI Max:17.5

DAQmx: 17.6


The DAQmx drivers installed at the start were 17.5 but then I figured out that in order to run NI9202 I need to upgrade the driver to 17.6. When I had 17.5 driver I got an error saying 'Unsupported Hardware'. But when I installed the 17.6 driver I was able to see the NI9202 DAQ name.


One solution I tried was to remove the DAQmx driver and install it again, after installation gave out the same error.


Second solution I attempted was to uninstall and reinstall everything including all packages still gives out the same error.


I need help.


Thank you.

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First thing I would do is reboot the computer.  If it is still broken, I would update DAQmx to 20.7 (the last version to support LabVIEW 2017 per NI-DAQmx and LabVIEW Compatibility).

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Which cDAQ chassis are you using?

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Thanks, Installing the latest version of DAQmx compatible with the LabVIEW version helped. I was trying the older versions and that's why I was having the issue. 

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NI cDAQ -9174

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