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I am getting data by DAQ Assistant in a While loop. I need the loop working just for 600ms and after that it should stop. I used two Tick Counts inside and outside of the loop (just like attached) so that as soon as x-y indicator gets 600 the while loop should stop. However, this idea does not work as x-y never gets 600. It always starts from around 1025ms (it is randomly, some times this number changes to 1041, 1023, 1058,...). Does any one know what is the problem here? Some thing is wrong with my DAQ Assistant?


Thank you

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You have a normal LabVIEW question that belongs in the LabVIEW forum.  For some reason, you decided to post in the Idea Exchange to propose new ideas for data acquisition products.  I've asked the moderator to move this thread.

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It is impossible to say without knowing what you have set for the sample rate and the number of samples. The time for a single acquisition is a simple arithmetic calculation so provide the numbers and the DAQ.device you are using.

Also, you should not be using an equal comparison. A greater than or equal should be used.
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Hi Dennis,


Lets say the sampling rate and # of samples are equal and can be either 1000 or 10000. I am attaching the code.


Many many thanks,


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Accepted by Soran
If they are equal, then the acquisition will take 1 second. As I said, this is simple arithmetic. Samples divided by samples/second yields seconds.

You still have not provided the DAQ device. We have no idea if your sample rate is being coerced to something the device actual supports.
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Oh sorry, DAQ is PCIe6351

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So, setting your comparison to 600 msec makes no sense. The reason that you see a count greater than 1000 is the time required to initialize and start the task.
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Got it, thank you very much.

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