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USB-6251 power(+5V) LED is not solid but blinking when turned on

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Hi all


I have been using USB-6251 for 3 years without any troubles until last week.


From last Thursday, when I turn on the board, power led (which is located on top, also written as POWER(+5V) ) starts blinking and my laptop doesnot recognize the board.

Before this issue, when I turn on the borad the power led was solid and my laptop automatically recognized the board.


I would be glad if anyone can help me to know what happend to my board.



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I would try a couple of things:


1) Try another USB port on the computer, likely not the issue, but a good place to start.

2) Validate the external power supply you are using is outputing the voltage that it's suppose to.

3)Try another computer if you have one.

4) Check the USB Device Fuse (details) and see if it is blown. I didn't find anything in the M-Series user manual to detail why the 5V Power LED would be blinking.


If none of these work then the best option is to send the hardware back to NI and have it repaired.


Details for RMA procedures for NI Hardware are here.

Aaron W.
National Instruments
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I will try them.


Many many thanks for the help!



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