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using digital port for addressing a device



I am trying to write a simple VI that will use the digital outputs on my NI-6353 to send a 5-bit address to a 32 channel device and then read the analog output of the device.So far I have been successful in sending the addresses to the device (a pressure scanner) and reading the response on the analog inputs but have no idea how to go about separting each channel out of the analog waveform.


Does anyone know what the approach to this would be? I have used LabView for some time but the DAQ part is new to me.


Thanks for the help!

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How are you doing the read? With a single point you would build a 1D array and with a multipoint, you build a 2D array. After that, a simple index array will return each channel. Attach an image (png please) of your block diagram.
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This is basically what we are trying to do. Send the channel addresses(5 bit binary/ 32 channels) to the pressure scanner and then read the analog output from each channel.


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I don't see how that can work since there is no synchronization between your external mux and a DAQmx external read (which you don't have). When I used an external mux, I used a single point digital write followed by an analog read. For high speed acquisition, I used multiple cards from NI that did have synchronization of their internal muxes. Maybe someone else has a clever idea.
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I just through this together quickly as an example. There should be an analog read in the while loop. I will post the actual code as soon as I can get back to the office.

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