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DAQ .NET CreateVoltageChannel CustomScaleName

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I am developing DAQ using. NET (C #). I want to read the voltage data of DAQ device, get the result through linear conversion, and then store it into Tdms file (note: store it after linear conversion).
I saw the official case, but did not provide the case related to Linear Conversion. I learned that there is a string parameter CustomScaleName in myTask. AIChannels. CreateVoltageChannel(), but I cannot understand how to define linear conversion and use this linear conversion.
Who can provide relevant cases.
thank you.

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See if this article helps -


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Accepted by topic author TyroneChong

Although they are written for LabVIEW:

Create an NI-DAQ™mx Custom Scale Programmatically in LabVIEW

Create Multiple Scales for One Task Using LabVIEW with DAQmx


In C#, you could possibly do:

// Create a linear scale

myScale = new LinearScale(name="myScale", slope=10, yIntercept=5);


// Create a new task
myTask = new Task();


// Create a virtual channel

nameToAssignChannel="", terminalConfiguration=-1, minimumValue=-10, maximumValue=10, customScaleName="myScale");

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