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AnalogMultiChannelWriter Example

Does anyone have an example of how to write to 4 different AO channels using different array values at the exact same time?
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Hello rsdgdf,

From the title of your post, it appears that you are using .NET to program your DAQ device.  If this is the case, there does not appear to be a shipping example that does exactly what you want, but you can modify the ContGenVoltageWfm_IntClk example relatively easily (located at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples\DotNET2.0\Analog Out\Generate Voltage\ContGenVoltageWfm_IntClk).

You need to change is the type of reader to the type in your subject and then pass it a 2D array.  The first dimension is channels and the second dimension is values.  For example, writing 3 values to 2 channels would be:

d(0, 0) = 1
d(0, 1) = 2
d(0, 2) = 3

d(1, 0) = 1
d(1, 1) = 2
d(1, 2) = 3

Since most of our devices have dedicated DACs for each analog ouput channel, then the outputs should be synchronized.  I believe that the writer will not work without hardware timing either, so that should not be an issue.

I found a similar thread that may help you out as well, located here.  There is not an example, but it shows more about exactly what to change where. Take a look and post back here if  you have any questions.
Neal M.
Applications Engineering       National Instruments
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