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My output image getting blurred .. while doing pattern matching (image process)

Hi all,


            I did pattern matching program using Vision Express . here if i aquire image my output is smooth . if i do some image process like ( pattern matching or  Edge detection ) my output image getting blur ..


I have added My VI and that fault iamge as example 

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Hi saran,
-can you provide your acquired image and the image after processing?
-Are you sure of providing proper buffers for images?
-Any reason why there are two consumer loops and only one of them is doing some processing?
-If you are using pattern matching and edge detection, the image will not change.
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    Its Not about Image that i have captured ...if i do some pattern matching or circle find only my image getting blure..


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Hi Uday .


             I have another Question ..While i am doing Circle finding I need to specify ROI mauanlly .. how to assign maually . 

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Like i am finding pattern matching from that result of coordinates i have to use that value to ROI of circle finder ... how to do this? any idea

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Can you try with pattern matching example (post vis) and see if your image is getting blurred? instead of vision assistant?
-Again, pattern matching will not alter your image unless there is something wrong with buffers....


Edit: for ROI selection check this

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whether i have to use seperate buffer ? for pattern matching ?

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