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IMAQ dx Error -1074360282 occurred at IMAQdx Open

Hi I have Labview 2013, and am Running VDM and VAS installed and activated.

However, when I try to run a VAS example such as Low-Level Grab, I get this error, Error -1074360282 occurred at IMAQdx Open

"Possible reason(s):NI-IMAQdx: (Hex 0xBFF69026) License not activated"

Even though I know that VAS is activated, additionally the cammera works fine in MAX and all the VDM examples seem to work.

Any help would be great.


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You need Vision Runtime License, if you are running an executable on a PC that does not have your development license installed.


You can try and remove, then re-install all of your licenses.


MAX will always work with the camera, even if the license is not active, so don't use that as your proof that everything should be OK.

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My VDM license is installed on it though. It isnt an executable it is a VI.

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Vision Acquisition is a different license than VDM. You should be able to use a VDM serial number to activate VAS though. It works in MAX because the license is not required for that usage (sorry, seems a bit confusing...). Maybe you could show a sceenshot of NI License Manager?

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As BlueCheese said, a screen shot of your license manager would be helpful. Alternatively, feel free to make an SR at and one of us on the AE team can help you troubleshoot over the phone!

Rahul B.
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I am also getting this issue. I have included a snap of my licence manager. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the vision module but this didn't change the problem

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Hi zepp2,

-Can you provide what camera you are using and did it work in MAX or VDM?
-can you provide screenshot of the error message also?
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I am using a Hamamatsu Orca-o3G which works in Max. Please find the error

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Try contacting your local NI office/representative.
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MAX doesn't require a license to work with IMAQdx, which is why it works there.


One item that looks suspicious is that your Vision Acquisition license appears to be version 2011 rather than 2013 or newer to go with that version of LabVIEW. I'm not quite sure how you can get into a situation with the old license installed but a new enough version of IMAQdx to have support installed inside of LabVIEW. I'd suggest installing the latest version here:



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