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Lookout 6.7.1 Licensing

Hi, I have a question about the lookout 6.7.1 Development/Run-time Server.  We
currently have an old version of the lookout Development/Run-time Server
(version 5.1) that we use throughout our plant to control various processes &
machines.  We run all of our lookout processes in house and we edit them as
needed on the fly on the local machine that the software is installed on so we
have no need for run-time only licenses.  We are running our software on about
40 different computers at the moment.  The reason I am asking about the latest
version available is that we can’t continue to run Windows XP forever
just to keep the version that we have going.  I have been told that the latest Development/Run-time Server is a single seat
license only.  When the old Electronic Technician was still doing this job he
said the version we were using was a site license, is this option still
available?  We need to be able to make one single purchase and use the software
on as many computers as necessary if that is possible.  I can’t ask our plant
manager to spend anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 dollars or more on a software
license if we can’t use it the way we need to.  If anyone gets the time could
you provide me some feedback on the licensing structure for the latest version
of lookout and could you tell me if a site license is available.  If not can we
use the latest Development/Run-time Server on multiple computers without
creating a licensing issue?  Any feedback anyone can provide would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks a bunch ! 

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Hi Psychobrigade,

I suggest you to contact with your local National Instruments sales, they might be able to provide more professional advice about the upgrade option. 

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Thanks for your response, I jumped e-mail's back and forward with a Sales Engineer for awhile and they even contacted the Lookout support team.  I never could get a straight answer.  Maybe someone with some experience using the new software will chime in.  I do appreciate you trying to help.  I may give the Sales team another shot.

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It is licensed per seat/computer.

The license allows for a development/backup on a technicians laptop/desktop that does not run the process directly or another process.

So technically, two stations, but with limits.


I would look to drop Lookout all together though, support is non-existent as you experienced trying to get a simple sales questions answered.

Forshock - Consult.Develop.Solve.
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I do agree with you about dropping lookout, the problem for me though is that we have a ton of machine processes using NI lookout and switching to an entirely new platform is very time consuming and costly which is something they refuse to give me around here, LOL.  I can keep what we have going for awhile using a virtual machine but even that will eventually become a problem I am sure.  It would not bother me to write new processes using another HMI/SCADA but it would take so much time that the company I work for would never allow it.  Thanks for your feedback.  

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I certainly understand the position, we are still moving systems off as they get approved (water and wastewater).

Really comes down to the task involved, IO, customization, etc.


New software can get expensive fast. But if you are looking for a site license type, relatively easy development and good support: DAQFactory is great for small processes.


Good luck

Forshock - Consult.Develop.Solve.
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We have looked into DAQFactory.  My biggest problem is TIME.  I am having to take care of a 500,000 sq ft mill by myself so it would be very difficult for me to make a transition anytime soon.  I appreciate everyone's feedback none the less.  Hopefully we can come up with something in the near future.  Thanks ! 

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