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How long does Lookout 6.0.2 store historical data for?

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Does anyone know how long does Lookout 6.0.2 store historical data for? I have an old application that I am trying to get data from around 2018 (lookout was logging data since 2010).However in the hypertrend as well as in the Citadel database the data looks like it only goes back to exactly a year (8/12/2020) (See pictures). When I check on a data member configuration I can see that I have addresses being logged to historical data, but I do not have the option to choose for how long (see picture). Does anyone know if any data from over a year back is logged and how to access/display that data?


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Lookout ver 6 uses a 'global' lifespan for logging data to Citadel for each process file.  You can find/change it in 'properties' of the process file.  In the source (lks) file it's near the top and looks like:

#dbaselifespan "365.000000"

with the number of days (zero for perpetual).  I seem to recall the default being 365 days, but I could be mistaken.

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I have Lookout stored on an old computer that was maintained by a guy who retired a few years back. He was the only person who was really familiar with the system, but now we need to access some historical data from a few years back (around 2018). It looks like our system was set up with the default 365 days of logging.


I know I am grasping a straws here, but is there a way to archive old historical log files? Were trying to figure out if the guy before me might have saved these files somewhere.


Thanks again.

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