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GE-Fuji AF-300 P11 Drives

Anyone succesfully used modbus driver to control/monitor new GE series VFD's
with RS-485? Lookout GURU's: can you folks write a driver specific to this
(new, industrial standard, high volume)family of Variable Speed Drives? TIA
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There doesn't seem to be much activity on your question.

Could you post if you were able to get this drive to work?
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They work great. Can't remember why I asked at the time. It might have been the problem with the P11's Modbus register map. It was messed pretty badly in the manual, so I just remaped it myself and It has been working great ever since.
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Hello Ed;

In searching for answers I came upon your post regarding a AF-300 drive.  We are new to LabVIEW and have purchased it specifically to communicate with and data log the activity of a GE/Fuji AF-300 G11 Variable Frequency Drive.  It sounds like you may have some experience here and I am anxious to talk to someone who has set this up (any help in a starting point is better than what we have found so far). 

Anyone else who has experience/ideas please feel free to respond.  Or if you have Ed's email address that might expedite the process.




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fuji no longer manufactures drives for ge. fuji is selling drives to the us market direct now.



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Hi Steve,


Sorry I missed your question... Things have been very hectic lately.

I assume you have resolved your issues by now?  If not, shoot me an email at erblock AT mit DOT edu



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