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Labwindows CVI Teststand Debug Error

I am writing my c code in labwindows cvi and making a dll project. I use my dll in teststand. In labwindows cvi it successfully builds the .dll and gives no error. When I start execution of my project at teststand using my built dll, it directly gives the error: -17004 saying could not load DLL or external library source: TSAPI. I used depedency walker for my .dll but it does not show anything sensible. How can I find the reason of this error? or a detailed error log?


Labwindows cvi 2013

NI Teststand:2013


Additional information: The error case is happening when I debug my dll (execute from labwindows) via teststand. When I directly open teststand and load my dll it starts without any error. Both my labwindows and teststand are at evaluation period (licences are not loaded).
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Hi Rados,


Did this work previously with this DLL and then stop or have you never been able to get this to work? If it worked before, can you note anything that changed between the working and non-working states?


To start, I would make sure you're following the directions here:


Are you able to debug any other DLLs from TestStand? You might try making a super simple DLL that just has an add function or something similarly trivial and see if you can debug that to narrow whether this is a CVI issue or a DLL issue.

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