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Error code: -17004

I am writing my c code in labwindows cvi and making a dll project. I use my dll in teststand. In labwindows cvi it successfully builds the .dll and gives no error. When I start execution of my project at teststand using my built dll, it directly gives the error: -17004 saying could not load DLL or external library source: TSAPI. I used depedency walker for my .dll but it does not show anything sensible. How can I find the reason of this error? or a detailed error log?


Labwindows cvi 2013 sp1

NI Teststand:2013

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Additional information: The error case is happening when I debug my dll (execute from labwindows) via teststand. When I directly open teststand and load my dll it starts without any error. Both my labwindows and teststand are at evaluation period (licences are not loaded).

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