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spreadsheet formatting-same sheet different tabs??

So, my only question is how do I get this to save the test to a different sheet within the same work book? Everything looks good, I should be able to drop this into the rest of my VI's as soon as I can figure out how to get it to change which sheet I want the test to save too. Very nice !!!!!

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The "save tests data" can be called multiple times one after another for new tests. Each one gets saved to a new sheet, with you providing the data, headers, and sheet name. Thus, in the example VI I provided you could have another instance of the "save tests data" right after the one that's there, piping the "sheets" wire in/out of the VI. Your original test data files had column names that weren't in that main cluster so I wasn't quite sure how you were collecting all the data. Thus I only provided an example of saving one test.
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Thanks! I wish I could post the entire VI. Darn it, I had it working and did something now it stopped ~L~


I know enough to make me dangerours

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I've included the snippet. In my original VI, I piped my data from the sensitivity output cluster into this. Of couse, the included VI is angry being there no data supplying this in this example.


I seemed to have lost my c:\temp\mytest.xls and nothing happens when I run this now in the original VI. What did I mess up in this included VI to cause this? It did work like a charm, BTW at one point.


Either way, thank you so much for the help. I've learned tons so far!!

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never mind, I started over and got it all to work the way it was before. Telling you, I'm dangerous with this stuff ~L~
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