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set chart value (property node) from a waveform ARRAY?!?


In Labview 8.0 I want to send data to a front panel chart via its value property node. This works just fine if I wire a single waveform to the value property (attachment1). However, if I wire it with a waveform array (attachment2) it fails. Is there any workaround?

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What do you want to happen?

Do you want to see 2 plots on the graph, or do you want to string them together end to end?  You might try and see if clustering is what you want or "Build Cluster Array"

Best of luck,
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I want to have a set of stacked plots (in fact I have a total of 60 plots, 10 charts with 6 stacked plots each). The reason I am trying to set their value through a property node instead of the chart terminal is that it makes a lot of the operations easier and unclutters the block diagram significantly by using arrays of references instead of individual wires ...
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I was able to use the property node to set both plots without trouble - could you tell me in what way it fails for you?  The screenshot you posted shows no broken wires, so it looks like yours should run.  If the behavior you see is that the chart looks like it is only displaying the first plot, this is because the data points for the two plots are exactly the same, overlaid on top of each other, preventing the second plot from being seen.  You can resize the plot legend to show as many plots as you like, but the legend won't automatically resize (you can do this programmatically via another property node as well).

Here's a slightly modified version of the code that illustrates the point by generating two sets of random noise rather than one.  Let me know if you run into any troubles!

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Matt Pollock
National Instruments
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The reason I was showing this with only one graph was that the two-graph version failed for me. I had tried having separate data sources, of course. Just to be sure I have rebuilt the VI from scratch as per your diagram (see attached image and VI) and run it again with the same results:

The failure was not in my inability to see the plot but rather in an error message (attachment) which would only occur if I tried to wire more than a single plot into the value node.

I subsequently also tried doing this using 1D and 2D DBL arrays and observed a similar problem: the 1D case works fine, the 2D case throws "insane object" errors and crashes labview entirely.

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I took a look into the issue a bit further, and this was reported to R&D (# 3SJ98F73) and was fixed in LabVIEW version 8.2.  I initially tested the behavior with 8.2, which worked fine as posted, but when testing in 8.0.1, the behavior is precisely as you describe. 

You can download and install LabVIEW 8.2 side-by-side with 8.0, and we have the software available for download on this page on the website.  The software comes with a 30-day license, so you can verify that it meets your needs.  Of course, if you have an active SSP account with your LabVIEW license, upgrades are free of charge. 

Let me know if I can be of any assistance!

Matt Pollock
National Instruments
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