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algorithm notation in LabVIEW

Many algorithm books discuss some sort of abused assymptotic notation.
My understanding is that regular assymptotic notation applies to mathematical
functions.  The assymptotic notation is commonly used in various publications,
that discuss algorithms.
Would anyone else like to see National Instruments come up with some
sort of feature or toolkit to automatically produce this for LabVIEW code?
Perhaps some toolkit could measure the LabVIEW code and give
some result for a VI, etc.  People who are familiar with assymptotic notation
will know what I am talking about.
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Hi Casey,

Thanks for the feedback.  If you are interested in such a feature, please submit this to the Product Suggestion Center.  R&D does review all of these suggestions when considering what features to add to future LabVIEW releases.
Ching P.
DAQ and Academic Hardware R&D
National Instruments
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