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Parallel event loops - running VIs independently- a better way?

Hi there, I've been working on a "top-level" VI for a tester project, in which six separate (but identical) subVIs run quasi-independently. My VI explains better than words what I'm trying to do. It does seem a very bulky way of doing things (and the Value Changing property node, I've been told, has a lot of overhead) - can anybody suggest where it might be improved? Hopefully this will help out some other users too!
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I took a quick look at your VI. The first thing I would do is to use just one event structure with a separate case for each boolean rather than multiple event structures. Look at the help files for event structures. You may need to move the invoke nodes outside the while loop and event structure so that the Wait until Done does not block the event loop from responding to other events. There are probably other things, but I did not take the time to understand the whole system.

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Here is an example of somethings you could look at.  I added the arrays because they are more scalable, if you know you will only ever have 6 tests, maybe its not as important.  It does clean the code up as well.  I am not exactly sure what your plans are for adding DAQ so look at this more as an example and not a solution.

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