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resize xcontrol on mouse hover?

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Hi! N00b here.


I was wondering wether it's possible to resize an xcontrol on mouseover/mouseleave. My xcontrol contains a picture  ring and I wanted to make it so that when the user hovers the mouse over it, it will increase in size, reverting back to the original size when the mouse leaves it. I've tried to handle this with the aid of a property node and a case structure but to no avail. Have you tried this? Has anyone succeded? I've never tried to make a very graphical lavbiew app so I don't really have experience with this.

I've attached a picture of some code. I know it's not done correctly, but I'm more interested in the principle, since my xctl doesn't seem to resize. Did I choose the correct property node?


Thank you very much.

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Hello !


First, for me you must to put your event in your Xcontrol diagram no (not sure if it is here)?

Next, I'm not sur you are using the right property node. 

It will be easier if you can send your VI with your Xcontrol.



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Hi R_Thomas!

You are right, I have omitted to treat the event in my xcontrol diagram and treated it in another VI.

I will try to treat the mouseover events in the xcontrol VI and I will keep you posted! Thank you for the idea!

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so... i tried some more stuff and it didn't work. here's the xcontrol...

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What do you use to make your Xcontrol (ring, picture selector, something else ?)? I'm not sure you can change its side !

You just can change the size of the windows like this but not the button ! (Is it what you want ?)

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First, thank you for your promptitude.


I am using a ring, a picture ring to be specific. I read through more threads and documents and i did find I can only resize the container boundaries, but not also the pictures. Do you have any knowledge of something like this?I know I could resize an ActiveX control on hover but I'm not sure I can create one for what I need. 



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Accepted by topic author simbe

You are welcome 😉


For me, you should have the vision toolkit to work properly with pictures.

Or maybe put your picture in a blank button and maybe you can change the size of this one.


An other way will be to use 2 "picture ring", one with little pictures and the other with the big one, so you just will have to play with the property node "visible" for example !!!

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I will also try this idea, although I have found a dimension which does not need resizing for the pictures :). I didn't use 2 rings because there are 16 little icons in each ring I will have this type of xcontrols pretty close to each other so just resizing the boundaries won't work for me.


Thank you very much for your help!

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