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multi tasking

Hi all,

I have a working vi that currently communicate with a serial port. I would like to expand the capacities and have the program communicates with 3 more serial port and still able to run them independently and in parallel.

I have read other related posts but still had no clues of how it should be done. I know that I have to make many sub vis, but have no idea how to connect them together !

Please advise.



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Post what you have so far.


Basically you would take what you've done to communicate through one serial port and duplicate that code 2 more times.

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HI Ravens Fan,

Thank you for your quick response. I have thought about duplicating my codes but my current codes is already "overcrowded". And it would be messy if I have to multiply it 3 times more. So I'm looking for a "cleaner" way to to do it. If there is no alternative then I'll have to go that round.



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If you have code that you use more than once, make it a subVI.  If you need the multiple copies to be truly independent of each other, then set their properties to be re-entrant.
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