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i want use google map api in VI . i tried so mutch to do it.i used google earth plugin and google static map but i need only google map api .

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Hello everybody

could enybody help me to solve my problem in using google map API ?

i build  FMS (Fleet Managment System ) . i used google earth plugin . but i want use google map APi .

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I'm sure somebody may be able to help you.


But first you are going to have to tell us what your problem is.


PS.  The word "I" is always capitalized.

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Tanks for reply

i want show car's position count in one vi with google map , for this i use WebBrowser and load HTML page . but when car's position changed i must use google map API in this page . I can't use any google map API or java script in vi .

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Dear Garousi,


This might be helpful for you.


Google Maps in LabVIEW


 Using Google Maps in LabVIEW

Other questions? Feel free to post here...




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Dear Chris

thanks for your help

but in first example " Google Maps in LabVIEW " used api in url of page . this example work with google static map.

if we used google map API . we can zoom and unzoom with scroll or you can pan map without change parameters in labview . in this example for zoom or unzomm or pan we must change url .

but if use google map api for any action we don't need change url .

and in secend example  "Using Google Maps in LabVIEW" we just get pic




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Hi Garousi,


I'm facing the exact issue as you are having. I beleive what you want is a dynamic google map, which is like the one we usually see in mobile phone GPS.


I have been looking around for quite some time, and so far the best solution for me is using google static map API, which is so inconvenient since the page keep refreshing whenever I want to update a new coordinate. Another smart guy managed to get the map's handler from google earth and put it on labview ActiveX, but that also requires the installation of google earth and during run-time, google earth application will also be opened (of course without the map). That's what I found so far, in case it can be useful for you.


Currently I'm looking into Javascript, which is responsible for creating the dynamic google map using Maps Javascript API. Labview then will call the Javascript functions and load the webpage accordingly. I'm not so sure whether it's applicable, but I will give it a try and update you if I found any.


Please do share your point of view, guys. Any comment would be much appreciated.


Thank you !



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Hi Daniel

finaly i can find god way to solve this problem .

plz visit this site . i find 3 dll here that we can use google map ,yahoo map , bing map ,... and another map api for windows application .


Good lock Smiley Wink

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Hi Garousi,


It's really surprising that you still remember this postSmiley Happy


I have gone through the website you posted, it seems promising, surely I will give it a try and discuss  with you about it.


Btw, I successfully implemented DYNAMIC google map API in Labview using JScript with all the functions supported by Google (addMarker, drawPolyline, ...). Nevertheless there is some limitation in getting the response from the JScript to Labview. Now I'm a bit rushing, so if you are interested, I could post the source code in the next few days.


Thanks for your response. Really appreciate it !:)




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Dear Daniel

In this way I can create ( google map , yahoo map , bing map , ... ) and I can add marker and add polygon , update marker position ... 

I will put my source code on this post for you very soon . and please put your source code for me here . 

we should share our experience together to find out witch way is better 


Best Regards Smiley Happy

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Dear Daniel


I ahd implememt the staic map for LabVIEW now.

But that refresh everytime cause some unsuited.

Can you share the DYNAMIC google map API in Labview using JScript ?

Thank you !!



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