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how to make an input array in a subvi homomorphic

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I have a sub vi which performs an operation on an array.  I would like to be able to pass this sub vi I16, -32 and other type numbers and have it give me back the same type of numbers.  As it stands now, If I draw the subvi as an array on the front panel, the representation of the input is "set" and all other types that I try to send to the vi show coercion dots and then output the same representation as the input of the subvi....rather than the type of data I provided.


Any thoughts.



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Sorry, that should probably be "Polymorphic" instead of "Homomorphic"....
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Accepted by topic author Hummer1
The ability to create polymorphic VIs is included with the professional version of LabVIEW.
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Got it thanks.  Once I tried looking up Polymorphic the instructions were quite clear...


Thanks again.

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