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isolated usb hub

Dear Sir,


Refer to GPIB Hardware Guide document.


you say, 

Use a USB isolated hub. National Instruments does not sell these, but there are many 

available for sale elsewhere on the Web or in stores. 


I just found an isolated usb hub on (B&B) 


Do I have other choices you redommended?


Thank you, 

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We don't have recommendations, but as long as they isolate the different grounds you should be all set.  There are many other isolated USB hubs, and I just found a number by searching for "isolated USB hub."  

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B&B has a pretty good reputation vs. just any old "whatever technical" is found in a google search. As mentioned, a search for isolated USB hubs will turn up a bunch, but it is also a good idea to then get your hardware from a company that you are familiar with. I've bought related devices (USB to Serial adapters) from a variety of vendors over the years with mixed results.
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