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how to generate pulses with an oscillating frequency?

Hi, I need to control the frequency of a motor and, in the same time, to trigger off a stroboscop at the same frequency. I control the two apparatus by analogical outputs through the DAQ USB-6259. I don't have any problem to impose the desired frequency on the motor. On the stroboscop, in a first time, I imposed a square wave and it works very well. But I want now impose an oscillating frequency (sinusoidal) on the motor and I want that the stroboscop follows the same profile of frequency.  I thought to do something like this : 1) I generate a first pulse and simultaneously I read the frequency f0 of the motor. 2) The next pulse is generate 1/f0 second later and I read the new frequency f1 to generate the third pulse ... Could it be possible? And anybody have an idea how to do this? More precisions : I use Labview 8.2 and I'm a beginner. Regards, Elsa
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Hello Elsa.
Have you already followed LabVIEW lessons?
I advice you to read Getting_Started with LabVIEW and have a look with the ni and developer zone examples. They are very usefull.
With LabVIEW nothing is impossible Smiley Tongue  
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