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how to find maximum and minimum value for different iterations of while loop

how can I find the minimum value from a XY graph for different iterations of while loop. I have a XY graph , i need to find the minimum value at each operation of the loop. In the way such that I hve to plot a graph with minimum against time. How can I do it please reply

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It seems to me that the same question was asked and answered already.
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Hi perumpadapu,


You might want to look at a function called "Array Max & Min" where you can extract a minimum or maximum value inside an array.

You can also get index information of the array as well.


Best regards,


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it's not the same question, there it is different, here it is different, here i have to start the while loop again and again and I have to see the minima .

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The answer is still the same.
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Hi Perumpadapu,


Do you mean you want to see the minimum value of every loop and retain the information?

If this is the case, you might want to use "build array" and shift register to put the value in each loop into array. However, you might want to consider about the memory if you are using build array.


Concept of shift register can be found in this link below


Hope this help

Best regards,


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You don't need a shft register, just use the Max/Min Array function. In this example, I built ten 500-element arrays, found max & min for each, and put them into a 10-element (x2) array:




Should be easy to adapt for your application.




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