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Best way to measure signals with common ground: RSE, Differential, NRSE?



I have a setup with 5 pressure meters with 4-20mA outputs and a common ground. I am using 500 ohm resistors to convert the signals to 2-10V -signals and I am then using a NI 6353 to measure these signals.


I read some tutorials previously linked here but I am still a bit confused abot how I should configure the DAQ Assistant. Should I use RSE or NRSE perhaps for reading these signals?


Thank you in advance.

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As a general rule - if your meters are battery powered or have isolated outputs then use RSE otherwise use differential.

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They are not battery powered but it isn't possible to use differential connection for all the measurements I am making with the NI 6353 since there are 12 signals to be measured in total. This is why I was thinking about using NRSE for these 5 pressure measurements since they all have a common ground. Would that make sense?


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Since Differential isn't an option and all of these 5 meters have a common ground, wouldn't it be right to use NRSE?

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I recommend this white paper from NI:Field Wiring and Noise Considerations for Analog Signals

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Thanks for the tip, I did read that article and it was very informative. However my conclusion is that the NRSE would be the best choice for this setup since there is not enough differential inputs and the signal sources are grounded (they have a common ground). I would like to get a confirmation for this conclusion. Thank you.
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Hi guys!


From the user manual you can read at the page: 4-20 to the page 4-24. There are detailed instructions.






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