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extract the positive values of a 2D array

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I have a 2D array with positive value in the 2 column.

What I want to do is to find the positive value of each column.

For example, I have this array


A        B  


-1        1

2         -2

3         9

5         4

-5        6

6         7


and I want to obtain the following


A          B


3          9

5          4

6          7


I manage to have the positve in each case but the value do'nt correspond (I have all the positive value of each column) like 


A      B

2      1
3      9
5      4
6      6

can you help me please ?


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Just to be clear: You want the output array to contain all the rows of the input array which have positive values in both column A and in column B?  Are you using strictly positive (>0) comparisons or non-negative (>=0)?  Are the values integers?


Frr answers: Yes and Strictly positive this will do what you want.




Array selector.png

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Like that? 



Zero Included? Simple Integers? Can u provide more information?  Solution may change depending on requeriments Smiley Surprised

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I'm using (>=0) comparison and non integers value, and my value are in ligne not column I made a mistake, thank you,


I will try what you send, and I'll come for feedback


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Thanks It works perfectly 🙂

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