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error loading lvanlys.dll in Labview 64 bits

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I have installed labview 2019 64 bits in a new computer with a AMD Ryzen 3800x cpu. I get the error loeading lvanlys.dll whenever this dll is called (the dll is in its folder and the installation was default). If I run Labview 32 there is no such problem, but I need Labview 64 to have access to more memory.


In other computers also with Labview 64bits and intel cpu I do not get such error.


Is there any solution to be able to use Labview 64 bits?

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What operating system and version are you using?

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Thanks for the answer.


It is using Windows 10 Pro.

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I think that points to a toolkit?  If so, you'll need to install the 64-bit version of the toolkit.  Oops looks like part of the install.  Maybe LV 64-bits had an issue installing?

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  • Did you activate LabVIEW at full or higher or only "base"?
  • Are you running any unusual antivirus or security software?
  • ...
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Yes I have the full development system activated.


I am not running any antivirus. It is a clean installation of Windows 10.


I have tried to uninstall Labview 2019 64bit and install it again, but I get the same message. There are no error messages during installation, so I am not sure what else I can try.

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Does anybody have a clue why lvanlys.dll cannot be loaded? It is quite fustrating... I have also tried to change things in the Bios, without luck.

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When I use the dependency Walker on this dll I get many dependency errors. I guess it is not normal.



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Is your BIOS updated to the latest rev?



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I have updated the Bios and the result is the same. I have also tried to install other versions of Labview 64bits (e.g. 2018) but still the same.

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