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This is going to be a dumb question but how do I get to the code documenation shown in my VI, see the yellow text "Read Measurement". I can't seem to find in the functions or on the menu. The one I have there I copied from another VI.


FYI this VI uses Agilent 34401A DMM and makes 2-4 measurements a second, kind of on the slow side but that'll be my next project, but if this helps someone a little as is it's a attached.

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Just double click on the block diagram and start typing 🙂

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Oh god really...duh. Thanks

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My Bad!


I thought you want to get that info programatically!




Those comments are part of the diagram (think the source code) and only available via "scripting" which is technology that lets us develop LV code using LV.


You would need to enable scripting (disbaled by default) and then you would have to develop code that searches a diagram for an item that looks like a free label and...


If you really want to dig into the worst of it, may God smile on your efforts.


I have been coding LV for more than 17 years and I seldom resort to scripting with the only practical situation being an application that had about 30 large data structures defined (think .struct) with a total of about 20,000 fields that the responsible author would change every week. So...


Scripting is fine if you are interested in writing tools for LV but not so much normal every day development





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