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Dear all,


I generate a sine (25kHz,1V, 1MS/s) with one device and measured/recorded synchronously it with another device (2MS/s, double sampling rate) (Master Time Base comes from the output and triggers the recording). Now I looked at the recorded data with Matlab. I have several different measurements where the sinus is measured till sample number 65.283 , 65.392 , 66.228 instead to sample 80k. The time base for sampling seems to be true. Doas anyone have an explanation?

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Did you press "Stop 2" before "Stop"?  That would cause your analog output to stop generating data while your analog inputs were still capturing data.

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Stop 1 &2 were without function (old code). Only Mainstop has a function for the while-loop. I cleaned up the code, now only one stop-button is available. The picture was just a part of the recorded data. When i push the stop button recording and output stop. Output generates 40k samples and stop then (Image).

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okay, I found the problem. The trigger is not working. The measurement starts on different points. Any idea how to fix this bug?

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