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Manually Control Oscilloscope Settings

I am attempting to go from 30kHz-100kHz in steps of 1kHz on my signal generator and then measure the resulting waveforms from 2 devices on the oscilloscope. 

Because the waveforms always look different, I need to be able to manually control the timebase, time delay and the voltage range before I can capture the waveforms. 

I have been able to configure the signal generator, however, when I got to configure the Oscilloscope, it seems to freeze up because of the while loop. However, I do not know how to configure the oscillscope manually without the while loop. Any suggestions?

(When the loop conditions for the Oscilloscope are true, both the configure channel and timebase vi's are ignored)

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Many instruments do NOT like getting multiple commands back-to-back.  I have found this especially true for oscilloscopes.

1. Serialize all of your oscilloscope commands (get rid of the parallel path for configuring the channels).

2. You are configuring the time base twice.  There is only one timebase for all of the channels, so that is just redundant and likely to cause issues.

3. I do not have the driver, but I would imagine the Capture Waveform VI has an input for the channel.  You should probably use that.

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