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calibration executive

I just purchased CalExec 3.5 and a C series model 9232 is not listed in the DUT list. How can I get that procedure for CalExec? Thanks

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Hello Jim,


Unfortunatelty there is not an automated Calibration Procedure in CalExec for the NI-9232. I have included a VI Snippet example that you may find useful which uses all NI hardware. You will need a few things in order to use this example code:

NI 9269 AO Voltage Source
Agilent 34401A, PXI-4070, or PXI-4071 DMM
NI 9232 DUT
cDAQ chassis


The two VIs that are missing can be created or you can put example code in their place. You will just need to write to the NI-9269 and read from the DMM. You can also follow the instructions in the Calibration Manual included with the NI-9232.




-Travis E

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Thanks Travis but writing code is not within our capabilities. That's why we spent big dollars on the latest greatest CalExec software. I discovered at least one more model is not in the list, a 9219. We were presented 9 models by a prospective customer to demonstrate our capabilities. It was very disappointing to discover the latest version of CalExec does not support at least these two models.

That CalExec does not support communication with a Fluke 5522 (latest version of 5520) was disapppointing enough.


Hopefully a soon to be released CalExec updat will support the models mentioned and also comm with 5522A.

jim 1054

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I've fianlly had a chance to revisit this 9232 calibration. Performing manually according to NI procedure.

On page 8, last line number 17, I am confused by engineering unit "mdB". Is that .1 db? Something else?


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Hello Jim,


This appears to be a typo in the manual. I believe the unit should be dBm which is the unit of decibel measure that relates to 1 milliwatt of Power. I will speak with our R&D department to confirm that this is what they meant and if so then the documentation will be changed. I hope this was useful.



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Jim1054 I share your grief.  It's a small comfort to know you're not alone.  I went down this road last year and after spending over $5000 for the urgrade CD and dozens of man-hours of head-scratching trying to get the software to communicate with my standards I learned the list of supported standards that the sales department enticed us with (over 30) was FAR from the reality.  The reality is 3.5 will only run automated with the 5700.  My main argument in lobbying for this purchase was it would free me up to do other tasks in my department while a daq card ran.  Nope.  I'm still a slave to the bench manually pushing buttons.


My post



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Hello Callab_Mark. Yes, we've been very disappointed with NI in that there are so many surprises. We thought 3.5 would allow cal of all NI devices but it doesn't. When you are forced to calibrate manually you have to deal with poorly written procedures. On top of that very slow response from our local rep, additional software purchases, extra devices needed, the list go on and on. When we thought we would like to setup to calibrate most if not all NI devices we are finding that we will be lucky to do just one or two series. We are so heavily invested in the program so far we are esitant to cut our loses just yet. OK, good luck to you!

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hi everybody, can somebody please share the calibration executive software :smileysad: i lost my back up :smileysad: please !!!

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@fernandofrias wrote:

hi everybody, can somebody please share the calibration executive software :smileysad: i lost my back up :smileysad: please !!!

I believe that is licensed software so no one is going to post a copy.  Just contact your NI rep and they will help you out...

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Share please Share !!!
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