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calibration executive

Begging won't get you a boot leg copy. Neither will posting the same question multiple times. When you contact NI, be sure to have your serial number available as proof of ownership.
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I have another issue with Cal Exec 3.5.  I had to send out my primary DMM standard for cal so I connected my backup Fluke 8042A to the IEEE488 cable.  Starting a procedure I selected Fluke 8040A from the list of supported devices--as I had previously done with my older version of Cal Exec.  The 8842 does go into Remote mode but doesn't respond to commands so the procedure halts.


I have a 2nd cal stand running the old version of Cal Exec and the meter communicates fine.  Why not V3.5?


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Hi CalLab_Mark,


Thanks for posting. That does seem odd. I would suggest that you post to a new forum thread since this thread is pretty old. It may not be monitored as much as a new thread would. To help troubleshoot further on the next thread, if you're receiving any errors with numbers or descriptions, please post that info and maybe screenshots for exactly where it's hanging and the configurations you're making. That will help other forum readers better understand the context and might result in more troubleshooting ideas. 


Some things to check:


Are you able to communicate with the device outside of Cal Exec on the same machine?

In the mean time, do you have other DMM's that you can use to perform the calibration?

Robert B
RF Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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