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Calibration Executive: What happened to all the supported standards?

We just purchased Calibration Executive 3.5.  When researching compatibility with the standards in my lab NI had a list of supported standards including calibrators made by Fluke, Yokogawa, Datron, Wavetek, Ruska, Tektronix, and more.  Our purchaser was assured my 5101B & 5100B were supported.

Beginning the calibration procedure when prompted to select a supported standard there are only 4--and all from Fluke.  If I choose "Unsupported Standard" the communication options are greyed out, disabling the ability to run automated.  There is nothing in the documentation about adding standards or how to establish communication with unsupported instruments.  How do I get around these limitations to achieve the performance I was promised?

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I'd honestly ask for my money back.  We had a similar problem with Cal Exec when we bought it a few years ago.  It didn't do something we were told it would, though it was good enough for other parts and I made a little side program to add the missing feature.  It is also not supported in Windows 7.  Seems that NI is not supporting this product anymore but will still sell you the license.


You can't add support because the VIs are locked.  Opening them would make Cal Exec worthwhile again.

--Using LV8.2, 8.6, 2009, 2012--
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I am a current owner of calexec all versions up to and including 3.4.1.  I recently found out that 3.5 was released around july of 2012. Why wasn't I notified. I had our QA person try to order it and at first they gave a quote for $5000 and I got it authorized and we tried to place the order.  Yesterday 4/16/2013 we were notified that we could not upgrade, that 3.5 was for internal use only. LIES in the forums I saw non-NI customers with questions on their recent purchase of 3.5.  I have always paid for all upgrades and we were part of the development process of calibration executive from the begining, now we are locked out.  We lost our partner status last year and up until now I have referred my customers to NI for their industrial testing needs. We also calibrate Pickering,Omega,Datapaq and HP equipment. If I can't get satisfaction from NI I will be suggesting Pickering or HP for PXI/VXI in the future.

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