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Web Publishing Tool wont display my program in other computers

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Some of the users are using mac and when they try to download the plugin in the national instruments page, the plugin does not work... if i create a VI in windows can this one be seen from a mac using web publishing tool?
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As I mentioned in my first post, you can enable control of the VI for specific IP addresses in the Web Server options. That would be the easiest way to limit control of the VI, however you'd limit your users to using specific computers.


Another option I can suggest is building a password into the program. This would require modifying the VI code to include a couple different states. What I'm imagining is a state with dialog box that prompts for a password. If the password entered is correct, the program could move on to the next state, which would be the rest of your code. Otherwise the program would just keep prompting for the correct password. With this method, any IP would be able to request control of the program, but they'd only gave access to the "real" program if they pass the password state. You'd have to also program in some way to go back to the "password state" once the user is finished... maybe a "Log Off" button could accomplish that.


As for your plug-in question: yes, the VI should work on a Mac if the plug-in is installed properly. You may have already seen this KnowledgeBase (, but it describes how to make this plug-in work. If the article doesn't help, can you describe in more detail what "does not work".



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The most simple thing would be to give a user name password to the clients

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Hi , How can I get the web publishing tool ? is it for free or shall I buy It ? I have a very limitted campus license. i m not sure student version or academic or research , i do not know if it includes the web publishing tool or not , it has network browser module, but i have not seen the web publishing tool .

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Below is some information regarding the licensing, how to access the Web Publishing Tool in LV and more information about Remote Front Panels. Briefly, one license is provided with the purchase of LV and others must be purchased. The details are listed in the articles below.


How Many Clients Can View or Control a Remote Front Panel with my LabVIEW License?


Web Publishing Tool Dialog Box


Remote Panels in LabVIEW -- Distributed Application Development




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Hi, I'm facing problem to view published VI on the client PCs.


We want to publish a VI from a host PC with LabVIEW 2009 (licensed version with proper antivirus) but unable to control it through client PC. Downloading panel 0% of 0 byte msg appear.

To troubleshoot we have done several thing:

1. if we only select monitor mode, we can view it from other PCs.

2. we publish the same VI from LabVIEW 2010(trial version- using laptop without proper antivirus) we are able to control the VI from other PCs.

3. We have tried switch off the antivirus but still can't.

4. We also have ensure that the enable webserver box is checked.


We have tried this for quite sometime. Really hope someone can help us.

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Try some of the steps in this Knowledge Base article. It appears to address the message you posted.


Why Do I See the Message Downloading Panel 0.00% of 0 bytes when using the Web Publishing Tool?



Patricia B.

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1. Try disabling the antivirus as it slows down the Transfer rate of the data being sent.. if its a ver big front panel with too many data you may want to do this..

2.Chck for any firewall.. I had this problem..

3.***Most important*** check for the same Real time engine VERSION.. like if your server has 8.6 CLIENT ALSO NEEDS to have 8.6 and you can download these from ni's site.. Also make sure that you installed mozilla first and then the Real time engine..

4. Enale embed option on the web publishing dialog and check if you have request for control (not necessary either)



These little tweaks should help..



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TQ for the tips.

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I have installed labvie 2010 , I have remote front panel connection for 20 user , I have installed labview run time engine , firewalls are off, web server is enabled, I publish a front panel by web publishing tool , I can just see the monitor version of the front panel , when i choose embeding or controlling I see nothing in the created html page !! Who knows what is the problem ?



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