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Web Publishing Tool wont display my program in other computers

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Ok for a quick fix.. check the options under the tools menu.. restore to defaults and see to that you have ur vi under the visible vi's (better to use an asterix *).. 


Also when u r publishing the vi look to that you can see the "Preview in Web browser" in the first window of the web publishing tool..


If the Preview in Web browser is unactive (like an off'ed switch" click on Start web server and finish off with the next windows..

Btw, I would recommend that you also see to that you have installed the correct version of the run time engine..



Hope this helps..



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what is the correct version of run time engine for the labview fall 2010 ?

the run time engine must be installed in both comuters? I


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The runtime must be INSTALLED in the client computer (the one not having the Labview). Correct version should be 10.1 i guess.. just look up ur Labview version..


Also the server doesnt require runtime because it has Labview in it already 🙂



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my computer is 64 bit both client and server, The labview version is 32 bit . which RTE I should install in the client computer ? RTE 32, or 64?

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I would obviously say 64 bit.. But, recently I installed an RTE with 32 bit on my computer(64 bit) and it worked.. Also try this if you are working on Windows..


Beginning in LabVIEW 8.0, the plugins are installed to \National Instruments\Shared\LabVIEW Run-Time\Current LabVIEW Version\Browser Plugins. If a web browser is installed after LabVIEW (such as Firefox), the plugins can be manually installed from this location.


They should be copy and pasted into C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\PLUGINS or C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins respectively. 


The above should be done on the Client computer(the one thats trying to view the vi).



Hope this helps..



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haiii brother, i have been facing same problem what you faced. i could not getting VI FRONT PANEL CONTROL on another computer. can you tell me how can you fix this problem?

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