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Vision Color Spectrum

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Hi I'm trying to devide Color using IMAQ


It has Color Spectrum indicator then that has 1D Array which has 16 element(when set color sensitivity = low )


so i want to know what is the standard to devide color spectrum 16 element?


and what is each element 0~16 standard color?


EX) 1D Array Index 14 mean black

                                15 mean white

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I'm not sure what you mean, maybe post what you have?


I'd convert to HSL and do a threshold (or 2, min and max, being careful, because H is a circular scale (the max value is R IIRC, so is the min value)) on the H channel.


That will instantly select pixels based on color, and it will be (way) faster then a learning algorithm.

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I have test program for color spectrum.


This program divide color spectrum in ROI.


If you move ROI, color spectrum will change.


Color Spectrum has 16 element 1D array


then i found 8 element Color.


my destination is found that 16 element Color


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Do you get more colors if you set Color Sensitivity to medium or high?


If you convert the ROI to HSL and do a histogram, you could do any number of color subdivision you want. More importantly, you'd actually be in control over what you're doing.


A few caveats though:

H will be messed up if L is low.

H is cyclic, so the min H 'connects' to max H.

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Here is a documentation that explains how the color spectrum is divided depending on the sensitivity:


Regarding which color is represented by which element of the spectrum array, I couldn't find more info than what you already have.

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thanks to your response


i already saw that page.


but that page doesn't have every element..


i want to know what criteria for divide color and represent color


i'm still try to find that

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HI thanks to your response.


color spectrum has diffrent number of element when set Color Sensitivity to Low or medium or high.

low - 16 element

medium - 30 element

high -  58 element


I will try to do with your advice thanks

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Accepted by topic author 뺴꼼

There is an example named "Color" that has a nice visualization of the medium-sensitivity spectrum.

With a bit of manipulation, you can come up with this (not sure how to get other sensitivities though):



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your anser was what i find.


thank you so much but i already find that example named color


then there doesn't have that color image what you upload..


is that color


this is color in my Labview 2018 example.

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The code is very simple, just reusing the array indicator from the example.

I've added my attempts to get Low and High sensitivities by customizing the control and changing the number of plots, but then the components seem strange. Medium seems correct though.

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