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I craeate a 2 dof robot with VRML.I want to move it.
Can you help me please?

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I am sorry but what do you mean by VRML?
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Ah, the wonders of Google and Wikipedia. VRML.
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First you need a VRML editor to create the model (you can use Labview to create it too), and then you can open it and control it by usin the 3d Picture Control of the Graphis and Sound palette.

Here you got a small help to start

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If you already have your robot model opened in a 3dPicture...then you can use the Set Translation and Translate Object vis on the transformations palette to move the different parts of the model.


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build a 2 dof robot with VRML.I want to rotate any link of robot when I change its
angle(example : when I change angle of link 2,I want to rotate link 2 but I don't want

 to rotate link 1)I load my example with Load use object of 

Transformation.Rotate that it need a Axis and a Angle for rotation. When I set it,

whole robot rotate but I want to rotate link 2 without rotation link 1.
I attached a schematic from my robot.
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Accepted by topic author Naser1363
Hi Naser, could you tell me how did you imported the vrml files to labview, I,ve been trying to import a robot that I made in solidworks I saved the file as a .WRL but i get an error when I try to import it with the 3d picture control subvi
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Hi all,


I also had some problem with vrml loading. You have to check if solidworks saves the file in "vrml 95" then it should work.


For translation and translation, you have to take into account that if you apply a translation or a rotation to an object, all the sons objects will also do the transformation/rotation.


So for your robot, the first segment must be the "main object" and then the second segment can be the son object. With this strategy you just have to apply 2 rotations to make your robot move.


(Analyze the solar system VI in the examples, the moon is a son of the earth, that makes the geometrical transformation much easier)





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Hi metadeth


first you must go to sava as in solidworks.then you must select .WRL then you must select option in this menu.then in must select vrml 97 instead of vrml 1.if you had problem plz tell me with E-mail.plz tell me solidwork version.


best regards

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I have solidworks 2006, in the save as menu there is no options I don't know why I just can save it as .wrl and can't change it to vrml97, could it be the SW version??
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