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Ungrouping Objects Shift

I am developing a fairly large prototype application on LabVIEW 8.0 and use tab containers to display various screens.  I group common objects on these tabs so it is easier to organize.  For example a changing text object may be grouped with a numerical value and a color box oboject.  These, as a group, may be copied and used multiple times for a common look.
The problem is that when a group of objects on the tab are ungrouped they all shift position together in various directions and distances.  Occasionally the objects totally shift off of the visible portion of the tab and I have to undo the ungrouping to make them reappear.  (I can tell where they shifted to by a dashed outline of the objects.) I do not see this shift if the objects are ungrouped off of the tab container (i.e., on the front panel).  It seems to be a common problem with all of the tab containers in the VI.  After the shift there is usually a partial image of the group still at the original position.  I wondered if the problem related to the screen resolution but changing that did not seem to help.
I am running this on MS Windows 2003 with an ATI Rage XL video card and an NEC MultiSync LCD 2080UXT monitor.  Has anyone else seen this problem or have any idea what is happening?
Kurt Fielding
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Hi Kurt,

LabVIEW R&D is aware of this issue and is currently looking into implementing a fix in a future LabVIEW version.  For now I know of no workaround other than to manually reposition the controls after they get shifted following an Ungroup operation.  Also, the problem doesn't seem to happen when the controls being ungrouped are not on a nested panel object (tab, cluster, array, radio buttons).


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This was posted in another thread (see for an update) that was then linked to from the Monthly Bugs (March 2006) thread.


Travis H.
National Instruments
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