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Unable to deploy any libraries

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I am using Labview 8.6.1, but was using 8.6 until today.  I had not used Labview for a couple of months up until last week and before last week everything was working great.  I loaded a project and ran it and received an error.  I checked my Distributed System Manager and noticed that I don't have anything running processes, not even System.  System is always running, even if I am not using Labview.  So somehow something got botched and I need recommendations.  Under services, I can see that all the appropriate services are running including Shared Variable Engine.  But when projects won't even autodeploy, and my System process is gone, I am pretty sure something is jacked.  Any ideas?  Should I reinstall SVE?  How do you do that?  Thanks.
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After you upgrade a LabVIEW version you need to update relevant drivers. If you are using a cRIO or R series device you need to upgrade NI RIO 3.1. So check and make sure that the relevant drivers are up to date. If you are still having problems answer the following questions I and can help you troubleshoot.


What remote target are you trying to connect to?

How are you connecting to your remote system?

Do the devices show up in MAX?

What driver versions do you have (MAX, DAQmx, RIO...)?

What OS are you using?

Did everything stop working after you upgraded to 8.6.1?



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Accepted by Orion HE
So I have no way of knowing what exactly went wrong and why, but I uninstalled Labview development system today and reinstalled it.  My first test was to try a known working project, that hasn't worked since the ghosts in the machine took over last week.  I received an error stating that the Shared Variable Engine had stopped working.  What a relief, a different error message.  So I restarted the project and ran my VI, and Labview tells me that this version of windows (Vista) can't programmatically start and stop services, and that I would have to do it myself.  So I started the SVE, and magically, my projects all work now and my Distributed System Manager is no longer an idiot.  So I guess it needed a full on kick in the pants.  Although it would have been nice if there was some quick way to reinstall the corrupt SVE instead of the 40 minute uninstall reinstall of all of Labview.
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