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[Trouble Shooting] FlexRIO cannot read camera-link camera image

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Now I'm working on the FlexRIO PXIe-7972R + NI 1483 for the camera-link camera. I already installed and connect all devices properly. The camera I used is pco.edge 4.2, with full camera-link communication, support for 10-tap 8-bit data. I just modify the example code from "10-Tap 8-Bit Camera". Now, I can detect the camera clock as figure, and the module is enabled. I use the IO Module\CL Control 1 to send the trigger command. However, when I start to acquire the image and send the trigger, there is no any image transmitted. I also discover the IO Module\CL Frame, CL Line, and CL Data are not valid as figure. Is anyone know where might have problem? Thanks.FlexRIONI1483.png




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Do you mind to attach your code? Which version of the Camera File Generator that you install?


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Thanks for reply. Sure, the attachment is my latest code. I just realize that I have to set the camera configuration via serial port of camera-link(SerTC). I still works get stuck on the serial communication between PCO camera and my FlexRIO. Do you know how to sent serial command via SerTC port? I have attachment some references. 


So far, I have two direction.

One is utilize the PCO SDK (SC2_Cam.dll).

The other is via serial server from LabView.



Yong Da

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Well, I think you can try to use the PCO SDK (SC2_Cam.dll) instead of using the serial server from LabVIEW. After you install PCO SDK, it may be direct communicate with the camera. You can download the driver from the PCO official website.

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Hi, AlysaOng,


Thanks for reply. However, I have question. Due to our camera already linked on the NI 1483 adapter (FlexRIO module); therefore, I cannot use the frame grabber from PCO. In this situation, the PCO SDK (SC2_Cam.dll) still can workable, thanks?



Yong Da

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Hi Yong,
I have discussed with my colleagues, we are not very sure, but think that it should be workable. Do you mind trying to check it out?

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