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Triggering led

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And just out of curiosity, what the heck is "PPU of MR"??? Smiley Frustrated 


EDIT: I just noticed another thing.  You've marked the second post as SOLVED.  That means eveybody thinks this thread is finished and you don't need any more help. Next time, don't do that until your problem is actually solved. Smiley Wink

LabVIEW Pro Dev & Measurement Studio Pro (VS Pro) 2019 - Unfortunately now moving back to C#, .NET, Python due to forced change to subscription model by NI. 8^{
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Normally I would agree with you NIquist, but he marked my post as an accepted solution, so I won't complain Smiley Happy

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You are correct both of you. I am new with LabVIEW, I am leraning day by bay. You are great help both of you. 

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Nadjil, don't worry about it. I am very new to LabVIEW too 🙂

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RedAG and NIquist,


I had my meeting with my supervisor. Only what I need one Led and Light gate (Led and receive) to do my work.

NIquist, for your question about PPU and MR. I will start with MR or MRI follow the link. My back ground is Electrical Eng. Now I am doing Master in Biomedical Eng. There are a lot of software I did not worked with it. LabVIEW is one of them. Not to forget to tell you what is PPU, follow this link PPU.


Now I need to be sure what I found on NI website (NI USB-6501) is the correct device I need to do my project. Till now I did not get the software of LabVIEW from my supervisor. I contact NI but they asked me for the license and what version of LabVIEW I used. All these questions I do not have answers yet for it now. I hope next week I have the answers.


You are a good help, thank you verey much.

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Tell me if I have got this right, You want to send a signals (a single pulse or a continuous pulse) to an LED. When the pulse is send, you have a device (Light Gate I think you mentioned) will be notified about the transfer of signal to your LED. You want to then recieve some sort of signal back from the LED? This part is not clear to me. 


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I want to send signal of pulses and continuous pulse to the Led. First, pulses to see if I can trigger the MR in this way. If this way is working then I have to send continuous pulse first. When my subject start doing activity. The signal of pulses will be recorded by the light gate and saved somewhere by LabVIEW. Then the saved signal will send again to the Led to trigger the MR.

But now I want to be sure if the device I select is the correct one for my project? Do you know any idea is that the good one or not? Or I have to contact NI service? 

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Ok, so the light gate is some sort of sensor device that stores the actual pulse/pulses send to your LED? 


The device you posted is good, if you are only interested in triggering the LED and not interested in getting signals back from the LED for evaluation. With the device you mentioned as another poster pointed out, you can see the triggering but evaluation would become difficult.


Now, from your post, I think you just want to trigger and not go into too much details of the signal recieved back right? If so, I would say go ahead with the device. 


I would still call the NI and make sure, becasue you don't really want to spend all that money and then end up with the wrong device.

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Thank you RedAG,


You are correct about calling NI for the device, but NI asked about the license. Till this moment my supervisor did not get LabVIEW and the license. This is delaying my work.


The light gate is a sensor to record the signal, that I am going to use it after sending continuous signal first to the Led.


The light gate is Led and a receive, I have to apply voltage or power only (continuous) to the light gate to get the signal back and recorded it from the receive in the light gate. For sure I have to do some signal processing or selecting the signal I want to use for the other Led, this I should do it with LabVIEW.


I need to patient or pushing on my supervisor so I can start with LabVIEW.  

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Absolutely. What's the point in your supervisor wanting you to do your work and then not providing you with the tool to do it with.

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