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Triggering led

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He is not so fast. When I was busy with my proposal, one of the week I was sending him SMS every morning to know if he looked to my paper and to gave me feedback. After tomorrow I have meeting with him. I hope he got everything, if not I will do the same thing SMS every morning.


Thank you for your reply,

Today and tomorrow, party time. It is the queen day in Holland. 

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Haha, enjoy!

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I have LabVIEW I got it from the University and it is working. I was busy with other things to do. I was searching for other device to use my project I came by K8055 from Velleman. I can use it for LabVIEW it is possible.

But I am stopped by error. I don't know how to solve it. Because I am new in LabVIEW. 

This is a picture for the window of the Error list, I hope you can advice me what to do.

Thank you in advance, Nadjil


Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.52.56 AM.png

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This looks like a problem with your path or the instrument you installed rather than the actual program of yours. Did you install the k8055 and it's drivers? Are you able to see the device and communicate to the device from MAX? 

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I try to do that, but till now I am able to work with it. I contact some people they told me it is not possible to use K8055 with Mac any more. Because Mac does not provide PowerPC any more. Another person said this is wrong. K8055 can work with Mac. I am still searching to find a solution for this error.


If I could not find a solution for that. I have only to option left: 1) I have to look for another computer with windows to run K8055. 2) I will buy NI USB to do my project.


I hope I can run K8055 on my Mac OS X, Version 10.8.3

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I would have suggested an NI device for your work, simply because it will be much more easier to find drivers, communicate with it and 'manipulate it' and more importantly, when you have problems while programming or troubleshooting, you can easiliy find help here as opposed to K8055, which I think many wouldn't know about.


I don't know anything about Mac and K8055. Sorry Nadjil. I suggest you check with K8055 folks or their website or a customer service from them.

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Thank you, I looking and searching. If I couldn't find any answer from my problem. NI device will the best option for me.

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OK Nadjil. Let us know if you have any other issues once you clear your current one. Good luck.

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Dear RedAG,


I am still working on solving the problem of K8055. Now I can run it on virtual machine so I can use it. But I return to the start point LabVIEW does not work now on the virtual machine I have. What I am going to do I will build the triggering machine on my Laptop (Apple) then I will see if my problem to run K8055 is solved or not? If not, I will buy the NI instrument.

In your first reply to me, you gave me a link to open a file for triggering led. I could not open the file. Can you help me with or give me a start point with the triggering meachine for the Led. I need oscillator for that and a puls or timer to trigger the Led. I want to make periodic puls (70 puls per min. more or less and controlling too). Any tip where I can start?

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Hello Nadjil,


When you say you could not open the file, what do you mean? Do you mean there is a prblem with the file or that you could not make it work with your instrument.


I don't undertsnad what you mean by a triggering machine. What is this triggering machine?


How do you know you need an oscillator or a pulse generator/timer for it?


Currently, how many devices are you using?

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