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System Requirements

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What are the minimum system requirements for LABVIEW 2010 applications? Need to buy a PC to use with the application build in LABVIEW 2010.



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Have a look at the following:

Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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Edit : Oops i was too slow at the evening hours 🙂

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For system requirements of labview see following link

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@mani3696 wrote:

For system requirements of labview see following link

This question has been answered before with a link to the comprehensive official page. Your link points to a very limited page that cannot be trusted. So what's the point? 

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yes you are right my link has limited pages but wrote after experience LabVIEW at various systems and visiting many websites including official sites.

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You should focus on original content, not reposting things that are already better described elsewhere. There are way too many "me too" sites out there!


Are you willing to update your information whenever the information changes as long as LabVIEW exists? Probably not! You always need to include full links to the original page.


Post your programs. Discuss your algorithms! Write insightful original articles!

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Sir, i agree with you.but you have more experience than me (read your profile) and I'm new here. So, it takes time to learn things. 

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