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Separate Array Elements

Hello, i have this VI. The code is fine, what i want to do now is to customize the interface, and i wanted to put elements of the 2 arrays in pairs of 2, is there a way to separate them?

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Hi dom,


@domcorrado wrote:

is there a way to separate them?



@domcorrado wrote:

i have this VI. The code is fine, what i want to do now is to customize the interface

Maybe it would help to attach your VI…

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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here it is, tought i attached it but apparently i was wrong

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LabVIEW has a way of bundling together things, similar to structs. You want to bundle elements of "DUT SWITCH ON" and "DUT in position? "together, right? Take the DUT SWITCH ON control outside the event structure (or you can make a local variable), and wire both mentioned controls in a for loop (with indexing inputs) where you bundle their elements together. With indexing output of for loop, you make an array out of it and the indicator you create can be styled.


I would advise against using event structure inside the state machine like this, it would probably work OK in your case though.



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One is a control and one is an indicator, so combine a set in a cluster and disable the LED (so it cannot be operated!)


Here's a quick simulation that should give you some ideas. You can remove all the timers of course, they are just for the simulation:




Also note that it is better to use label and legend instead of all these loose strings everywhere. Herding cats!


(And yes, I agree that your architecture is a bit convoluted!)


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