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Rotating a 3d object with euler angles

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I'm trying to creat a graphic represantation of a 3d object whose attitude is given as euler angles (yaw, pitch, roll), and I'm having troubles rotating it correctly. I've been fighting with this thing for a couple of hours but I guess I'm just missing something

I would love any help in getting this thing working. (is there a straight forward way of rotating an object around it's own axes?)

Thanks a lot!

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  • When attaching more than one VI, tell us the name of the toplevel VI.
  • Why do you think you need to run the loop as fas as the computer allows, rotating the y axis with every iteration?
  • In newer versions of LabVIEW, there are all needed tools for euler rotations in the geometry palette (not sure if that was available in LabVIEw 2009).


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Thank you for your comment!
- You're right, I'm sorry- "display orientation" is the main VI (well, I guess you figured it out but for future readers)

- Right again- just forgot to add a wait function.

- I'm actually working with  LV 2013, just saved for older version because I know some of the readers can't view it otherwise. I know how to rotate axes, but I can't get the "rotate object" VI to work as I want. I never seem to get what axes it turns the object around

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Accepted by topic author shayelk

Sorry, I don't have access to LabVIEW at the moment, but if I remember right, there was a problem with the rotation in some older versions. Instead of "rotate", use "set rotation", If I remember correctly. I'll have to look at my old code.

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What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??
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Thank you altenbach! That actually did the trick 🙂


my code is attached in case anyone'll stumble across this thread ("display orientation" is the main VI)

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Wow! Thanks! simplified a lot and was a great help actually!

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