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Programmatically determine cDAQ-9191 System Status

MAX shows the system status of a cDAQ-9191, for example "Connected - running".  How can this be checked programmatically?


Durring a week long period of data collection my 9191 will go to "not connected"  however a DAQ read, to an installed TC module, will continue to output data - data that is incorrect and similar to the last good reading - I am trying to trap this situation and prompt the user to take action.



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modded to be more error specific...


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Thanks for the quick help on a Sunday!!!


Apears to be working - my test network is back up with the change - I'm a bit worried about the for loop hanging if the module goes down....  will test that in a bit.


My implementation follows...

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no problem...i would highly recommend using the error handling and 'or' logic the error cluster into your stop terminal of the loop


as for the 'for loop' only processes as many as there are # equipments online in array

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Soooo - I just went to my remote location and unplugged power from the 9191....  My data collection program continues to show the module as active using the discussed code.  Went into MAX which also showed it as active (no small x on the name) until I refreshed in MAX which of course could no longer find the module.....


The problem then remains - how to show the 9191 has gone "down" on a program collecting data from it in another location - which is after all the point of the WIFI approach? 


Again appreciate the help...

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make sure the name is correct in the string constant (exactly as MAX see it.....), you can probe the product type active device name array.


i tried the code using my USB 6009 plugged into USB port and no errors, but once i unplugged it error showed with user description?



  • simulated through MAX cDAQ-9181, ran code>>>no error
  • deleted simulated device named cDAQ-9181 through MAX, ran code>>>error....'cDAQ-9191 not active'?
  • ofcourse, the simulated name is not exact...but used for proving code purposes only works here my friend.

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Yes it apears to be....  See below with a few probes and this is with the 9191 UNPLUGGED  ......


Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 2.13.13 PM.png





















And MAX without a forced refresh...


Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 2.15.52 PM.png

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