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Update single Table indicator cell without redrawing the entire table

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I have a program that uses a Table indicator. Each row is a program step and in that row there is a countdown time showing time remaining.


Updating the time remaining cell is easy enough using replace array subset (Is there a better way?) but each time I do that it looks like LabView redraws the entire table on the screen and this causes annoying flashing-blinking of the text in the table.


I have reduced the updates to 500mS and that 'works' but there is still some flashing and 500mS reduces the accuracy of the timing.


Is there a way to update a single cell on a table indicator without redrading the entire table?

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Tables will always flicker.


Try dropping a decoration on top of it, set to transparent fill/border. I remember discussing that with my field engineer back in LV 8.5 and finding it incredibly annoying at the time.


I believe I'm right in saying that it only needs to be even partly covering it to suppress the display refresh flicker.

Edit - in fact, I *think* it only has to partly cover even the Label of the table to suppress it.

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That worked great, now I can set my timeout to 100mS and no flicker.

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