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Moving average filter

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Hi. I want to do a moving average filter to my VI. I have done a basic FIR filter.. but i havent any clue how to do a moving average filter.
+ I want a button for play  the input wav file.. how can i make this?

This is the vi :


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My trick for a moving average is to use the FIR filter with specific coefficients.

moving average.png


As far as playing your wav file, check out the Graphics and Sound palette.  I have little experience with them, but I know there's VIs there to play your wav file.

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Thanks for the filter!!!

Ok i have found how to play the wav file, but this play it immediately! I want a button and when i push it then schould play the input wav.. 

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You need to put your Play waveform inside an event structure.  The VI will wait at the event structure until something happens such as the Value change of a boolean Play button you put on the front panel.

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Thanks! It works! 🙂

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