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Labview interface with MongoDb or similar NoSql database

Hi Hollowhorse,

Thanks for that swift reply.

Is it possible to access MongoDB using HTTP POST and GET methods?

Also, it possible to do the same using Wire Protocol (TCP Socket)?


Saptarshi Pan

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Hi Saptarshi,


Well.... anything is possible 😉

I did look at using the HTTP POST and GET methods originally, but the functionality was very limited at the time.

It's definitely possible to use Wire protocol, but that means writing your own drivers from scratch. That's something which has always appealed to me, but I've never had the time (or foolhardiness) to try it.




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Hi, Hollowhorse

What do I to get the N documents from MongoDB in LabView?

I tried a few things, but I believe it would be best if we can replicate this command line statement db.collectionName.find({"_id": 0}).sort({"_id": -1}).limit(100).pretty(). Can we do this using the RBX Systems Driver

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Hi Saptarshi,


That's an odd query seeing as MongoDB normally forces unique values for _id. In theory you can only ever have one instance where _id = 0. Regardless, I have written some LabVIEW code to replcate your query. I have to be honest, handelling .NET in LabVIEW is quite longwinded - so the code looks more complicated than it actually is. As I've said before, I'd advise encapsulating some of the common .NET driver functions into VI's.




I'm afraid I can't comment on the RBX driver. At the time I was working on my project it didn't do what I needed, but it may have come on since then.




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Hi all,


I tried to access database with user/password without success.I have always same error:


Constructor Node Error creating instance of MongoClient in assembly MongoDB.Driver.MongoClient, MongoDB.Driver, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f686731cfb9cc103, (System.NotSupportedException: Unsupported MongoAuthenticationMechanism SCRAM-SHA-1.) <append><b>System.NotSupportedException</b> in


Connection string like:




What is wrong? Database is 4.0.


Thanks in advance!!!


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What would i need to do to open the MongDB without having the project open.  I would like to add this to the code that I am currently working to develop some reusable code outside of a project scenario.


It is broken without the project open and when I try to right click and select a constructer I can browse to the mongodb.driver.dll  but when opening I get "An error occurred trying to load assembly."


I think this can sometimes be caused by one dll being dependent on another and that they may need to be in the same directory.  The MongoDB.Bson.dll and MongoDB.Driver.dll are in the same folder but the mscorlib.dll is not and I find 81 versions of this on my PC.  I tried moving a couple of them into the same folder but it did not help.


Is there a way to do this?



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